lunes, 23 de mayo de 2016

Encuadernaciones flexibles

Encuentro sobre "Encuadernaciones flexibles",

A multi-faceted look at limp bindings

How to keep quires together in an envelope or binding? The question sounds simple whereas the answer is not. Over and over again, new methods were devised: simple and complex, flexible or tight, with leather, textile or parchment. Of course, complex book constructions and decorated treasure binding draw our attention. However, especially flexible bindings with simple structures are stacked massively in our archives and libraries. For centuries, these have been neglected. Only in the last couple of years, these have drawn the attention of collection managers, restorers and researchers. And that interest is rewarded. Those who work with simple bindings, discover rich and complex stories.


This symposium does justice to the fascinating world of simple bindings. The different perspectives that are covered are: terminology, techniques and structures in bindings, conservation and restoration, history, contemporary binding creations. International experts give lectures, restorers share their experiences on specific restorations, and archives and libraries in Bruges show their bindings in house.


With this symposium, CORES Brugge aims to create a biennial platform for knowledge exchange among restorers of books and archives, in close collaboration with collection managers and experts in paper heritage. CORES was founded as a competence platform for conservation and restoration of books and archives by Syntra West vzw and heritage institutions (archives and libraries) in Bruges.